April 07, 2019

We love natural beauty, and the beautiful thing is nothing natural is perfect. That’s one of the distinct features of real lace wigs.

The texture and sheen of human hair means that light bounces off the cuticle and shaft in a unique way that may not be present in a synthetic wig. Synthetic hair has a more uniform surface made “perfectly smooth” by technology and that effects how light plays with hair.  This is a great advantage…but can create a shinier look that is almost too shiny (although there are tricks to remedy this!).

Investing in a real human hair lace wig gives you more control over changing the overall style.  You work with it like you would your own hair. You can create dramatic or subtle changes by using heat styling. No one’s natural/ real hair looks the same every day, and neither does your human hair wig. You can vary your look. Just be sure to follow our tips on how to care for a natural hair wig, so it lasts as long as it’s made to.

If you buy a high-end human hair lace wig that’s been color-treated, it’s dyed with a gentler process that maintains the integrity of the cuticle. Again, natural hair absorbs color in an “almost perfect way” where tones and shades subtly vary. It’s harder to mimic this completely on synthetic fibers, and again, the beauty of what’s natural is that it’s imperfect and has slight variation. On the plus side, synthetic fibers will hold a more vibrant color and can maintain that vibrancy longer because it is synthetic. This is why you will see more of the synthetic and human hair blend wigs offered. They give you the best of both worlds as far as movement, feel, and color, they truly look real!


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 And this natural look of real hair wigs isn’t something seen only from far away. It’s seen up-close. Wigs with human hair tied onto a lace-front cap create a look on your scalp and hairline along the forehead that replicates what real hair follicles look like. Giving the appearance of natural hair growth that many clients look for results in greater confidence! 

Remember, nothing natural is perfect or perfectly uniform, and the natural beauty of human hair wigs maybe be what you choose as perfectly beautiful on you. Wigs that look real can be found in synthetic and real hair wigs. The important things to watch for are the quality of the hair, how the color is distributed throughout the wig, and the cap construction for the most realistic look.